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A logo depicting a green dragon head with one of its horns piercing through a lavender muffin tin. The word Dragon Muffin is curved around the logo.

Dragon Muffin

My image is a cartoon style of a green dragon head with one of its horns piercing a lavender muffin tin and the words “Dragon Muffin” curved around the side. Dragon Muffin is what my Bubby calls me and since I am a big nerd for fantasy and cartoons, I figured that making a visual representation of the name would best represent me and the content that I have and will make.

Adobe Illustrator

When creating the Dragon Muffin image, I first sketched it out on paper and then upload a photo of it onto a vector layer in Adobe Illustrator. From there, I made a separate layer and did a rough outline over the photo. After that, I lowered the opacity of the rough outline, made a separate layer, and then did clean line art for the image. Finally, I hid all the layers except for the clean line art, made a new layer, and added color. Once everything is in order, I saved the image as a vector graphic.

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