This website features illustrations, animatics, and the many other works of Arden Jones, the snazziest dragonmuffin!

A cartoonish digital illustration of the author of this blog, Arden Jones, laughing manically as a raging inferno burns behind them.
A digital illustration of Arden Jones saying, "To the University of Mary Washington, Sammy. WOOHOO!" while riding a giant eagle with a giant UMW in the foreground.
A digital illustration of Arden Jones surrounded by ghost type Pokémon. Arden is holding a movie in her right hand as Mimikyu grasps on their right arm. Duskull floats behind on the right while Alolan Marowak and Pumpkaboo look up. On the left, Banette lies over the top of Arden's head. Also on the left, Gengar smiles as he holds a bowl of popcorn.